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i'm ruth and i love harry potter and sherlock.

→ Married to Draco Malfoy.

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30 day sherlock challenge | day 13 || favorite scene in a scandal in belgravia

The look on Sherlock’s face in gif 4….

"I dare you to question me, Lestrade."



I will give all of me to you

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”[…] Are you feeling all right, Granger? I’m starting to think that perhaps you just might fancy me.”

Hermione froze, looking at him with a surprising, gnarled fist of horror and shock and anticipation embedded but volcanic in her stomach. She could feel the blood drain from her face at his words, instead sending the rushing blood to pound in her head and ears. She felt as if she’d just been tided to the shore by a sixty-foot wave: dazed, salty and confused. Her mouth felt horribly dry.

Draco seemed to have registered the look of pale revelation on her face, staring at her intently. Then he spoke, certainly as shocked as she was.

"Bloody hell. You do fancy me.”

"No, no, I don’t," said Hermione, shaking her head, feeling frazzled and very disoriented. She felt the skin on her face begin to heat up at the scarring speed. "I don’t fancy you. I mean, I shouldn’t. You’re Malfoy, and you’re dying, and you have this horrible fancy of humor in the image of your own death."

"But you do," his face breaking into a brilliant smile, summoning little jackhammers upon her heart, as if he was pleased and delighted with this piece of terrible news. "You do fancy me. Dear Merlin, Hermione Granger, you’re in love with me."


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requested by carpisung

requested by carpisung

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Harry Potter Graphics Battle: heytonks vs fideliuxcharm
- Topic: An Under Appreciated Character

it’s 2am and i’ve been going through my past personal text posts for the last hour and becoming depressed as i realized how much i’ve changed/lost interest in things

I’m sorry, that’s crazy…Walls opening…

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